Must-Have Features for Your Hudson Valley Master Bathroom

Must-Have Features for Your Hudson Valley Master Bathroom

If you’re hoping to make 2020 the year you finally get that master bathroom of your dreams, we have some suggestions. Just like any home project, little details can make a big difference. From the lighting fixtures to the countertops, everything makes a difference. Based on our experience remodeling and designing bathrooms, here are some must-have features for your Hudson Valley master bathroom.


Double Vanity

Dual Vanity in Hudson Valley NY

If you share a bathroom with a partner, why fight over counter/mirror space in the mornings when you could each have your own? His/her vanities and counter spaces can suit any style, and give you each your own space for storage and morning/evening routines.


Heated Floors

Heated floor in Hudson Valley NY Bathroom remodel

No one likes the jarring sensation of bare feet on a cold tile floor first thing in the morning. Heated floors keep your toes cozy no matter what time of day you step in. Not only does this help make your bathroom feel more like a relaxing spa, but it can also be more energy-efficient than other types of heat.


Towel Warmers

towel warmers in bathroom renovation in Hudson Valley NY

Keep that fresh-out-of-the-dryer warmth at all times with a heated towel rack in your bathroom. Not only does this keep your towels nice and toasty, in warm or wet climates it keeps towels dry so they don’t get musty. (That also means they dry faster when you hang up a wet towel.) 


Walk-In Shower

Walk-in shower in Hudson Valley NY Bathroom remodel

Add a touch of elegance with a walk-in glass shower. Having a glass-enclosed or partially enclosed shower can make a smaller space look larger, and give a clean, modern look to your home spa. Glass also helps you make use of natural light for a bright space. Consider adding seating, as well. 


Luxury Countertops

Luxury countertops in Hudson Valley NY Bathroom Renovation

Having plenty of counter space is a must for your master bathroom, and luxury materials will help give it that home spa feel. Granite is a durable material that also looks elegant and beautiful. (Make sure it’s properly sealed, otherwise it will absorb stains and grease.) Marble is another high-quality countertop option. It comes in many colors and is resistant to heat. It does scratch and stain easily, so take care with things like nail polish or sharp objects.


Soaking Tub

Soaking tub in Hudson Valley NY Bathroom Remodel

Your walk-in shower will serve you well for your day-to-day hygiene needs, but when you really need to wind down, there’s nothing better than a hot bath. Your master bathroom deserves a separate soaking tub. There are so many options out there to fit any decor style, from freestanding rustic tubs to modern jacuzzi-like built-ins. (We recommend adding jets for that little something extra.) 


Walk-in Closet/Dressing Area

Walk-in Closet in Hudson Valley NY Bathroom Renovation

Having a walk-in closet or dressing area in your bathroom, or built-in tandem with your master bedroom, can save on hall space and make your morning routine easier. It can also give you more privacy, especially when you have guests visiting for the holidays or special occasions.


Water Closet

Water Closet in Hudson Valley NY Bathroom Renovation

“Water closet” is a polite way of saying you have a separate space for your toilet in your master bedroom. Especially if you share your master bathroom with a partner, having a separate water closet can give you both more privacy if you need to use the bathroom at the same time. Some people have a separate door, others just have the closet partially enclosed. No matter how you design it, water closets can be functional and stylish.


Custom Storage

Custom storage in Hudson Valley NY Bathroom Renovation

As one of the most-used rooms in the home, you want your bathroom’s storage to match your family’s needs. Kehoe Kustom can provide custom storage that will make your bathroom look and feel more organized while adding beautiful personal touches.


Rain Showerhead & Body Sprays

Rain Showerhead in Bathroom Renovation in Hudson Valley NY

Take your shower to the next level with a luxury showerhead. Rain showerheads can make showers extra relaxing, or maybe you want a strong jet to massage tight muscles. If you want both, there are showerheads that switch between different modes. For stand-alone showers, you can also consider body sprays.


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