4 Luxurious Bathroom Remodels in Orange County, NY

4 luxurious bathroom remodels in orange county

4 Luxurious Bathroom Remodels in Orange County, NY

Sometimes, it’s nice to feel a little luxurious within the comfort of your own home. At Kehoe Kustom, we can help turn even the worst bathroom into a spa-like haven. Here are 4 luxury bathroom remodels in Orange County, NY.



Carrara Bathroom

This classic carrara bathroom remodel rescued a room that was falling apart. We designed the custom vanity and built it in-house. We also designed our own enclosure for the heating element, tying all of the elements together into one clean and elegant look.

Not so Common Bathroom

Though described as our “common” bathroom remodel, the results are anything but commonplace. This beautifully refreshed space reconfigured the room’s design to better meet the client’s needs. Remember, a luxury bathroom remodel needs to fit your lifestyle and can be as unique as you are. This bathroom features custom cabinets and vanity with a granite top to give it an luxurious feel. The wood grain tile floor, soft colors and classic fixtures combine to create an elegant, calming space for everyday use.

"Sometimes it's nice to feel a little luxurious within the comfort of your own home."

Custom Bathroom

This beautifully crafted bathroom remodel features custom elements throughout. Chris Kehoe built the vanity, featuring sleek and modern bowl sinks, elegant countertops and architectural woodwork details throughout the room.


View of bathroom from doorway

Reclaimed Wood

This bathroom’s main design element is reclaimed wood, adding a vintage feel to the elegant space. The remodel including reconfiguring the layout, and then building custom fixtures, including the cabinet.

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