Custom Woodworking in the Hudson Valley

Customize your home and add value with custom woodworking pieces that integrate seamlessly into your overall style and home aesthetic.

At Kehoe Kustom, we have fifteen plus years of experience creating custom woodwork solutions for Hudson Valley home owners. Our style trends toward timeless, and classic but we will happily incorporate your design aesthetic to create a custom product that is as unique as your needs.

We work with home-owners throughout the greater Hudson Valley New York region, If you live within Orange County NY, you’re in luck. Contact us to create your custom piece today.

Hudson Valley Woodworking Services

At Kehoe Kustom, we offer full-service woodworking for new construction, additions, remodels, and renovations. Browse our portfolio to see past projects we’ve done or read on to learn more about our woodworking services.

No matter the age or style of your home, so much is possible when you work one-on-one with a design build contractor who has experience with custom woodwork. Let us transform the look and feel of your home interior with personalized solutions for every room.

For The Walls

Architectural Woodwork/ Moldings


Paneled Walls

Space Savers

Custom Built-Ins

Custom Bookshelves & Bookcases

Custom Cabinetry & Vanities

Made For You

Custom Enclosures for baseboard heating

Made For You

Heater Enclosure in Hudson Valley NY

Heater Enclosures

Our patent pending heater enclosures Replaces dinged, dented, rusted, unsightly old metal housings that are all over your home! Custom cut wooden covers are a simple and effective way to enhance your homes look (and safety) They feature:

  • Easy installation
  • Easy removal for cleaning or service
  • Can be painted any color
  • Safe for kids and pets
  • Works with existing metal back housing and most base mouldings
  • Gives the room and home a modern look and feel
  • Works with any wall finish even wainscoting and may be installed in any room
  • Primary material to be used is Boral trim is impervious to water – no need to worry about expansion or contraction.

Space Savers

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Custom Built-ins

Built-ins are elegant solutions to tricky design challenges in the home.  They help you make the most of your home’s square footage. Our team has experience developing custom built-ins for a wide range of end uses including entertainment centers, breakfast nooks, custom displays, bookshelves, and mudrooms. In the design / build process we explore your needs and desires, find out how you presently use the space and what challenges you face.  Then we develop a custom design solution that makes your Hudson valley home life easier.

Bookshelves & Bookcases

In addition to built in bookshelves, we offer freestanding bookcases and bookshelves in all sizes. Ideal for short or long-term storage needs, custom wood bookcases add shallow storage space wherever you need it. These are perfect for gifting or for use in your Hudson Valley home. We add value with our bookcases through choosing high-quality material, applying the right finish, and adhering to classic designs. 

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Vanities & Cabinetry

Custom cabinets and vanities can define your home by adding value, joy, and storage space where it is much needed. Custom cabinets and vanities work very well in kitchens, basements, dens, great rooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms, pantries, and more.

We enjoy crafting custom cabinet solutions that blend seamlessly into the design of the home and our clients enjoy efficient storage for decades after installation!  Are you a visual person? We use 3D modeling software to bring our cabinets to life before your eyes. Only when the design is finalized with your approval do we get to work crafting custom solutions to your needs.

For the Walls

image of architectural molding, bedroom or sitting room with off white walls, wall paneling and a sitting chair white with end table

Architectural Woodwork & Moldings

Custom architectural woodwork and moldings can transform a home. We can create custom baseboards, crown molding, chair rails, panelings, and more. The right type of molding can bring a room together, unify an addition to match with the historic style of your home, or add value and a touch of design to any room. Whether you prefer a clean look or want something more ornate, we create a molding that works for your lifestyle, budget, and taste and install it properly so it looks like it belongs in your home. 

black and white image of white leather couch next to a simple fireplace with wood trim accent, wall behind couch has white wainscoting on the lower third


Wainscoting adds visual interest to walls. It’s a classic architectural style that pairs very well with the older homes that are present all throughout the Hudson Valley. Not to mention wainscoting adds another layer of protection to highly trafficked areas. Custom wainscoting adds beauty to a room, increases home value, and even protect your walls from wear and tear long-term. Saving you from patching and painting as often and is a great option for households with children or pets. Wainscoting is a wonderful addition to your hallway, mudroom, bath, home office, breakfast nook, dining room, or bedroom. 

Paneled Walls

A traditional look that brings the richness of wood into your home.  Paneled walls can show off your library, study, home office, or bedroom. Wood paneling adds luster, texture, and dimensionality to any room. Custom wood paneling can capture the light and add real value to your home.

In addition to using wood paneling in rooms where you want to evoke a mood (dens, bedrooms, living rooms); we recommend paneled walls for bathrooms and basement areas. Wood naturally lightens up basement walls, which can often feel dark due to low light levels; wood also protects bathroom walls from water damage. Wherever you’re thinking of using wood panels in the home, we’ll walk you through the considerations, colors, and finish options so the end result blends practicality and style to match your lifestyle.