Heater Enclosures for Your Hudson Valley Home

Our custom heater enclosures

You can’t stand your ugly, rusty metal baseboard heater covers all over your home! You want to replace them, but you hate the way that traditional metal baseboard heater covers look. Are there any other options out there? Yes!

Our custom heater enclosures are an affordable and stylish option for replacing those outdated metal baseboard heater covers in your home. These custom cut wood enclosures will enhance your Hudson Valley home’s look and safety!

The Benefits

-Quick installation process

-Easy removal for cleaning or service

-Can be painted in any color that you wish

-Safe for homes with children and pets

-Works with the existing metal back housing and most base moldings

-Gives the space a more polished look and feel

-Works with any wall finish including wainscoting and can be installed in any room

-The Boral trim that we use is impervious to water and has near-zero movement – so no need to worry about expansion or contraction!

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How Much Do Our Custom Heater Enclosures Cost?

The most popular option is to replace the heater covers on the main floor or entertaining areas of your Hudson Valley home –  the entry, living room, dining room, a half bathroom, and the kitchen. The average cost for the main floor of most homes is $3500 (This total includes up to 70 sq. ft). 

Heater Enclosure in Hudson Valley NY

Our Process

1. We come out to measure the requested units

2. We fabricate in our shop and paint if requested

3. We return to install your new custom enclosures

It’s really that easy! 


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