6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Wait to Remodel Your Basement

Imagine a quiet space for you to work from home or a tucked away space where you can get your sweat on. Maybe you need a space for guests to stay or for kids to play. Your basement could ultimately become the best space in your house with a few upgrades.

Not only does a finished basement offer a sizable return on investment for your home. It also boasts a major return on happiness for adding usable space to your existing house. No matter if your home is too small but you don’t want to move or if it’s the right size but you discovered you have new uses for that space, basement remodeling is a great investment.

Top Six Reasons a Basement Remodel is Worth Every Penny

If you are like most people, before you commit to a project, you probably want to know what the benefits are first…right? Great! Then you’ve come to the right place because we are going to give you that information right here—right now!

1. Home Office

simple and modern home office in a basement

With everyone adjusting to a new normal, having a dedicated home office space has never been more important. Remodeling your basement could provide you with a quiet space you could go to work and deem that area off-limits (or not) during working hours. A dedicated home office will also help you be more organized, productive, and a myriad of other benefits you have yet to discover.

2. Home Gym

woman working out in home gym in her basement

Now that everyone is more aware of bacteria and how viruses spread, working out at home is becoming a more desirable way to keep fit than going to and paying for an off-site gym membership. So the obvious answer is to make better use of your basement. And you can do that by remodeling it into your very own personalized home gym that is built to your specific needs. Additionally, all that money you have been spending on a gym membership can now be used to make payments on your new, customized home gym. A gym that you own and one that doesn’t have everyone else’s germs on it.

3. Designated Kid Area

kid toy room with modern design

Who doesn’t dream of having a space in your home where you can send your kids to play so they aren’t always underfoot? Or a designated space you can turn into a homeschooling classroom, or whatever other kid needs you might have. A Hudson Valley basement remodel is ideal for transforming that space into a customized area you so desperately need.

4. In-Law Suite

daughter with her elderly parents

Whether you have in-laws that come to visit, or you have friends and family that periodically stay the night or weekend, having private quarters for them is pretty much priceless for you and for them. An in-law suite can be offered to any guests for convenience purposes, as well as a place they can stay without having to pay for expensive hotel rooms. This is just another great reason for remodeling an Orange County basement.

5. Game Room

two adults playing video games in their basement

Do you like to entertain? Or perhaps you want a space where you can bond with your kids. Remodeling your basement into a game room will provide you with a place to put a pool table, install a dartboard, set up a custom-designed digital gaming space, or really anything else you want. Remodeling your basement into a game room is a great way to add to your quality of life for you—and your entire family.

6. Man Cave, She Shed Combo

man watching tv in his man cave

Every man wants a man cave and every woman wants a she shed. But why not remodel your basement to accommodate both? Take your basement, install a wall down the middle then each of you can create your own personalized space where you can go to relax and unwind. Remodeling your basement to accommodate both will save you money as well because you can take the money you would normally have to spend on buying a shed and transforming it into a usable space and spend that same money on your basement remodel. And not only that but, remodeling your basement will increase the value of your home as well. It’s a win-win!

What’s Next?

If you are ready for some basement remodeling in Orange County, NY,  then look no further. Kehoe Kustom, LLC Building & Remodeling has home remodeling experts ready and waiting to transform your basement into a space that will boost your quality of life in a BIG way. Contact Us today because we would love to show you just has quick, easy, and cost-effective a Hudson Valley basement remodel can be.

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