Custom Woodworking for Your Home Office


The thought of custom carpentry for your home may bring to mind kitchen cabinetry, but there are other ways to add the beauty of traditional woodworking to your house for function and value. A particularly useful means of incorporating wood accents is to build a customized study or office space where you can work efficiently with the organization of a professional environment.

Custom Office Cabinetry

Office cabinetry can be can be similar to kitchen cabinets with a few customized details to make them more appropriate for office storage, or they can resemble a built-in entertainment center. By making the cabinets built in, they are secured to the framework of the walls and the room doesn’t look like a commercial office because files and supplies are hidden behind cabinet doors.


Shelving can be useful if your office incorporates a library or collectibles which you want organized but in plain view. Built-in shelving is more stable than free standing bookcases and can be designed to suit your needs, especially if the room has a small cubby area which doesn’t serve much other purpose.

Built-In Desks

Although nothing is wrong with a large regal desk which allows plenty of room to work, such a piece can be a bit overbearing for a home office. An L-shaped desk in a corner can also provide a great place to work, as can an unused closet which is opened up to provide a place to put a desk which is more discreet and out of the way.


Whether you work from home on a daily basis or just need a place to keep your affairs in order, a home office will be quite handy. You’ll find the only limit to what you can do is your creativity.  If you live in the Hudson Valley our Orange County based construction company would love to help create your home office space.  Call us at today at 845-988-4644!