How Much Will It Cost to Remodel Your Hudson Valley Kitchen?

How Much Will It Cost To Remodel Your Hudson Valley Kitchen

Your kitchen countertops are a mess, there’s not enough room to prep meals, and your cabinets lack the storage that you desperately need. If this sounds familiar, it may be time for a kitchen remodel. The kitchen is one of the most-used rooms in a home, so it makes sense to give it a little TLC every few years. But, as with any home renovation, the first question is: How much does it cost? While it varies from project to project, we’re here to help give you a starting point. Here’s the average cost to remodel your Hudson Valley kitchen. 


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How Much Will My Kitchen Remodel Cost?

One factor that can influence the cost of your kitchen renovation (or any renovation) is the location. The cost of kitchen renovations not only varies from state to state but can also fluctuate depending on whether you’re in a rural area or major metropolitan. 

 The Remodeling 2019 Cost vs. Value Report for the Orange County, New York area breaks down the costs for three different kinds of kitchen remodels: a midrange minor remodel, a midrange major remodel, and an upscale major remodel. These figures will give you a better idea of how much your Hudson Valley kitchen remodel could cost. 

Midrange Minor Kitchen Remodel

The average cost for a midrange minor kitchen remodel is $23,071. This figure includes the renovation of a 200 sq. ft kitchen with approximately 30 feet of cabinets and countertops. For this project, our team would start by removing the doors of the existing cabinets and replacing them with new shaker style cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and modern hardware. Next, we would update the laminate countertops to a Tier 1 Granite and install a moderately priced sink and faucet. After that, we would swap out the outdated cooktop/oven range and slide-in refrigerator with new energy-efficient models. To finish, we would install durable flooring and paint the walls, trim, and ceiling, 

Midrange Major Kitchen Remodel

The average cost for a midrange major kitchen remodel is $67,075. For this type of remodel, we would start by updating the functional yet dated 200 sq. ft kitchen with 30 feet of semi-custom wood cabinets, a 3X5 ft island, Tier 1 Granite countertops, and a double-tub stainless steel sink with a single-lever faucet. Next, our team would bring in a new energy-efficient range, vented range hood, built-in microwave, dishwasher, and garbage disposal. To complete the look, we would install custom lighting, resilient flooring, and paint the walls, trim, and ceiling. 

Upscale Major Kitchen Remodel

The average cost for an upscale major kitchen remodel is $133,436. This figure covers the cost of remodeling a 200 sq. ft kitchen with high-end features and finishes. For this project, our team would start by installing 30 feet of top-of-the-line custom cabinets with built-in shelves, undercabinet lighting, and soft-close drawers. Next, we would bring in beautiful stone countertops and add an imported ceramic tile or glass tile backsplash. After that, we’d set up the new appliances including the built-in refrigerator, commercial-grade cooktop with vent hood, wall oven, and built-in microwave. In addition, we would install an upscale undermount sink with a designer faucet and filtration system. To tie the look all together, we would install a tile or wood floor and general lighting throughout. 

Keep in mind that these are average costs for the area and they could change based on your selections or size of kitchen. For tips on how to save money on your remodel, click here


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Why It’s Worth It

Kitchens are consistently one of the most popular rooms to remodel, and it makes sense. Even though they are one of the more expensive rooms to remodel, it’s also one of the most financially sound investments a homeowner can make. A minor kitchen remodel will give you a 91 percent return on investment, Remodel finds; compare that to a master suite addition, which averages a 33 percent return on investment. Basically, if you ever decide to sell your house, having a nice kitchen will make your home more marketable. Beyond the financial benefits, a well-designed kitchen can make you and your family’s lives easier, more efficient and more fun. If you like to entertain, the kitchen is where the success of the party typically starts and stops. So updating your kitchen can really improve you and your family’s quality of life. 


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