PierTech Helical Piles

Sturdy Foundation, Safe Home Remodeling

We believe in building your dream on a foundation that you never have to worry about.  After building an addition or remodeling your home, the last thing you should have to worry about is the stability of your home foundation.  PierTech’s Helical Piles system ensures a sturdy foundation every time.

PierTech Helical Pile in action to stabilize a shifting foundation

PierTech Helical Piles for Remodeling

Are you ready to remodel your home, but you’ve been told that your foundation shifts?  Or maybe the footing around your home’s foundation is showing signs of cracks?

Enter PierTech’s Helical Piles technology.

As the only Hudson Valley PierTech certified remodeler, we are ready to make all of your home dreams a reality.

This state of the art stabilizing technology ensures a safe and sturdy foundation to your home and remodeling project – every time.

➡ Visit our sister site to learn how you can build a deck on any footing with this technology!

PierTech Helical Piles for Your Hudson Valley Home

PierTech Helical Piles In Action

Curious how it all works?

Check out the PierTech Helical Piles in action.  This cutting edge technology has made remodeling your home and building home additions safer than ever before.

This innovative technology allows us to build on any footing and in a quicker timeline.

Let's Remodel Your Dream Home

Your dream home is our priority.  That’s the reason we invest in innovative technology and cutting edge systems – we want you to feel safe, comfortable, and happy at home.  If you’re ready to feel that way, fill out the form on this page.