Classic Carrara Bathroom Remodel in Orange County

Project Brief

A Starting Point

This Orange County, NY  bathroom was outdated, ugly and falling apart when we showed up.   Leaving no question this was in need of a full gut job and design consideration.  After taking some time and getting a feeling for the home and meeting with a demanding client (my wife) we had a vision.   This lovely lady wanted a lighter feeling space with a spa like finish.  Being fans of classic style, this bathroom remodel was in for a Carrara Marble treatment.

Classic Style

You do not get much more classic than carrara, truly timeless.   Now with the advancements over the years tile prints have come a long way and allowed us to use a porcelain tile.   Going this route certainly save money, when you have a budget you want to keep in line but still achieve the style this is a great option.  We used this printed porcelain tile for the floor (18″ x 18″) and walls ( combination of 12″ x 24″ and 12″ x 12″ ).   For the shower knee wall, chair and Vanity top we used true marble.


Although this was to be a main bath the size of the space afforded us to accommodate a five piece layout, more typical of a master bath.  This means we had a separate tub and shower area along with the toilet and custom double vanity.  Their was still a little room left for a storage closet.  This layout truly assisted in providing that “spa” feel.

Going Custom

The custom vanity was designed by Chris then built in house by the Kehoe Kustom team.  The beauty of designing a custom vanity is that we could also take into consideration the moulding package and utilize the base moulding.  This delivers a built-in finish and proudly states custom.  To allow for foot room (toe kick) Chris introduced a simple arch element, style and function.  Yes, that is the goal.  Keeping it classic the moulding package was all from Kuiken Brother “Classical moulding line”.  The proper definition these mouldings bring to a space speaks volumes.  Paying attention to detail we did not want to have a boring metal heat enclosure for the heating element.  This led to our designing our own, again utilizing the existing moulding and design elements (notice the arch).

This bathroom invites you in and flows, with a calm paint tone and classic style.  We hope you like it and if you want a company to help you bring your dream space into reality give us a call today 845-988-4644!

Project Info


Natalia Dasraj


Design, Remodeling, Woodworking / Custom Cabinetry