Rustic / Modern Bathroom; Reclaimed wood custom vanity at the core.

Project Brief

Familiar Voice

When we got the call for this remodel it was a familiar voice and a familiar request.  The request was for a complete bathroom remodel and it would be our second for Steve and Dina.  They had recently moved, selling their house on the Florida side of Warwick.  Deciding to downsize and get a change of scenery, finding a home and moving to the Pine Island side of town.  They loved the location and liked the home.


Not a fan of the existing layout, as it did not function to their liking.  The space was broken up into one full and one half bath, making both a bit tight.  Now the goal was to create a single larger more welcoming space.  Our conversation led into the options available and a discussion about reclaimed wood.  Setting the stage for the design and winding at the core of the project.  This bathroom design was developed by our founder Chris Kehoe and the clients, understanding their direction and offering some guidance on material selections and layout.

Reclaimed Wood

Chris provided a few layout options for the bathroom and the custom vanity.   The client decided to go with the design providing for a neo-angled shower and requested double vanity.  This made for a little more excitement in the room and would tie in with the reclaimed wood vanity.  Chris’ thought was to mimic the shower after a outhouse, thought it would be quite a classy one.  By cladding the exterior side of the shower wall with the same reclaimed wood as the vanity, the blend was perfect, the theme was coming to life.    Again using the reclaimed wood it was decided to build a custom cabinet .  This would further establish the style of the room and provide plenty of space for any linens or overflow.

Truly a custom bathroom!

Project Info




Design, Remodeling, Custom Woodwork, Custom Shower