Preventing Scope Creep: How to Keep Your Budget in Check and the Remodeling Project You Desire


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There are many fantastic reasons why you would want to remodel your home. Perhaps you want to update the rooms to give a more modern, luxurious look. You may need to remodel to add more space because your family is growing. Another reason is that you plan on selling your home soon and renovate to get the maximum resale value while providing a great space for the next homeowners.

Whatever your reasons may be, one of the toughest obstacles you may face is scope creep. Scope creep occurs when you start changing the details of the project during the construction phase. You may begin adding on more project items that drive up construction costs to the point where you end up going over your established budget.  It can show up whether you are doing a whole house renovation, just remodeling a kitchen or building a deck.

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Reining in Scope Creep

1. Decide on the details

It is too easy to jump from one construction project to another. You start out by saying you are just updating the bathroom with custom cabinets and the next thing you know, you have the entire space gutted out because you want a jacuzzi tub. Decide on the present remodeling project you want to take on, and then stick to it without straying from the path.

2. Hash out all the costs and project stages

At Kehoe Kustom, we are aware of how scope creep can have devastating impacts on our client’s budget. So we work with you to gather as much information about the project as we can during the initial meeting. We discuss the items you need and want in the project along with the costs so there are fewer unexpected construction surprises.

Then, when there are any changes or additional work that is requested, we further explain the enhanced project work that needs to be completed and the related pricing.  In this manner, you can make a more informed decision on how you want each project to proceed so your budget stays manageable.

3. Plan your budget for the unknowns

Not every construction project goes as planned. The contractor may discover a range of problems. Possible leaking pipes, dangerous electrical wiring, mold, or other issues that need addressed before the main remodeling project takes place. Create a contingency budget that can be used whenever unexpected problems arise that will cover these costs.  The general recommendation is 10-20% of the project budget.

Scope creep can be effectively tackled so you don’t see your remodeling finances disappear. Let Kehoe Kustom help you create the construction project that gives you the home of your dreams.  Delivered with a process setting an appropriate and controlled budget.   Contact us today!


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