Springtime Home Renovations – prepare early and enjoy the season


Springtime means more than just spring cleaning, it’s also prime time for home renovations in the Hudson Valley.   It’s time to prepare for guests and entertaining with summertime fun.  If you live in a new home, there are likely to be upgrades you’ve been considering since the time you purchased.  Older homes may have needed maintenance,  but you shouldn’t let that usurp design upgrades which make the house more livable and valuable.


Curb Appeal

Window and Door Replacements

Some houses may have windows and doors which hold antique value, and they should be repaired rather than replaced when the need arises. Older doors and windows which neither work properly nor have historical significance should be replaced. In either situation, the windows and doors need to keep the outside air, outside… and the inside air, inside. By today’s building codes, doors and windows serve a practical function beyond separating you from the outdoors. Rather, they provide you access to the outdoors while also lowering your power bills with eco-friendly performance.



Beautiful Kitchen Cabinetry

Kitchen cabinetry came with the house. You’re a nice person who never complained but worked with what has always been available. It doesn’t have to be that way, new cabinetry is available which can be custom built to your needs. If you plan to live in the house, “forever.” you should have the kitchen built to your specific needs. If you intend to sell the house and retire elsewhere, new cabinetry will meet your needs in the immediate while adding value to the home when it comes time to sell.



The Bathroom You’ve Always Dreamed About

Remember your parents  bathroom as a child or the one you shared with a roommate in college?   Then the tiny bath in that small apartment with your spouse before buying a home?  Now that you own your own bathroom, you deserve to have it customized as a personal spa. If anyone disagrees with such a concept, they can set up shop in the guest bath and beg permission to enter your relaxing recluse.  Honestly,  you should be able to enjoy your bathroom.  Getting ready for your day, take a quick shower when you need it.   After a hard day of work, soak and recharge in your tub. You deserve it!

If you’re thinking of spring renovations for your home in Hudson Valley, give us a call.  We will set at time to meet with you for a complimentary consultation.