Home Remodeling: Reality vs. Reality TV

Home Remodeling Reality vs TV Reality

You’ve just finished binge-watching your favorite home improvement show, and it’s got you all fired up about a home renovation. While those shows can be a great source of inspiration, keep in mind that they are shot, edited and presented in a nice, neat package. So it’s not a realistic litmus test for your own home remodeling project. Here are some things to keep in mind that will probably be drastically different for your home renovation than what you’ve seen on HGTV.


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One of the biggest things that you need to keep in mind about home improvement reality show renovations is that the price tag they discuss on the show is probably not realistic for the average homeowner. According to an executive at HGTV, the cost for each homeowner varies by show. Sometimes, the network pays for everything; sometimes the network shares costs with the homeowner; other times, the homeowner pays for everything. 


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In some cases, homeowners are required to set a minimum budget for their renovations. But that number can be deceiving for viewers watching at home, too. For one thing, your location has a big impact on the cost of services and materials. So here in Orange County, New York, the cost to do a kitchen renovation may vary widely from the cost in, say, Los Angeles. Keep in mind, too, that materials and labor costs are likely discounted through sponsors and advertising partners, or through wholesale price savings. Plus, some of the things included in the big reveal at the end of the episode may not be included in the cost of the renovation. Maybe they’re just there for the aesthetic, or maybe they were gifted to the homeowner (which means they later have to pay taxes to the IRS on those gifts). 


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Another thing to keep in mind is how much shorter a TV show timeline is than a typical home renovation. On the shows, things happen quickly and contractors often work solely on the featured home, pulling double duty to complete the renovations as soon as possible. These shows are also meant to be entertaining, so they naturally edit out the boring or tedious parts of the renovation process. When you’re doing it for yourself, you can’t edit out those moments. Your contractor may not be able to start work immediately. Even if they can, there will almost certainly be delays throughout the process. 


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One pro of doing a home renovation on your own is that you have much more control over what gets remodeled and what it looks like. On home improvement reality shows, the designers and renovation crew often have creative license to renovate which rooms they want, and in their own style. 

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