Hall Bathroom Redesign and Remodel

  • powder room with statement wallpaper and a white vanity
  • small hall bathroom with full shower and vanity
  • white shower with blue mosaic tiles and glass door
  • Compact guest bathroom with full shower and white vanity
  • guest bathroom shower with nickel fixtures and blue mosaic tile

Project Brief

From “After Thought” to “After Shot”

Hall bathroom redesign and remodels are easy to overlook. The focus on main level is usually remodeling the kitchen or any other hosting space.

But many homes in the area are older and weren’t built with the way we live our lives now in mind. For example, bathrooms are more compact and often in strange spots. They sometimes feel like an afterthought.

Setting aside the time and budget to redesign your hall bathroom to work better for you and your guests is worth the investment!

Re-imagined Guest Bathroom Design and Functionality

This main level bathroom is a perfect example of re-imagining what a hall bathroom redesign could be! With a flair for modern fixtures and bright colors, the entire look comes together beautifully.

The colorful, floral wallpaper adds immediate intrigue to the space. Large patterns make a space feel more open, and the white cabinets add storage and a sense of brightness. The glass shower keeps the space feeling open and airy. Its patterned tile adds the perfect pop of contrast to the statement wallpaper.

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Considering Redesigning or Remodeling Your Hall Bathroom?

Remodeling a bathroom can be a quicker and easier project, depending on the layout. If you’re looking move walls or change the layout, this often means reconfiguring electrical, plumbing, and HVAC piping. A complete renovation will take longer and have a larger total cost. Check out this blog to learn more about bathroom remodeling costs in the Hudson Valley area.

Consider your long term goals when planning your guest bathroom remodel. Are you looking to add value to your home for reselling in the future? Do you plan to live there forever and need to consider aging in place features?

If you’re ready to take the next step, let us know! We’re here to help, from designing to financing to construction!


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