Remodeling Features Your Family Will Love

Remodeling features your family will love. Kehoe kustom hudson valley remodeling contractor

What’s the difference between a house and a home? A house is a place you live; a home is where you feel like you belong. To make your Hudson Valley house feel truly yours, that might mean making some tweaks here and there. Take a look at how you and your family really live and what would make your lives easier and/or more enjoyable with this blog. Whether it’s a fireplace, an outdoor area, a bigger bathroom or mudroom, it’s those things that, once you have them you all say, “I can’t believe we ever lived without this!” At Kehoe Kustom, we want to help every house feel like a home. To that end, here are some remodeling features we know your family would love.

A stairway haven

Let’s talk staircases. Most homes have at least one, and there’s so much space being underutilized. Your options depend on your home’s setup, of course. Is there a lot of dead space above the staircase? Consider adding a nook above it, for whatever you’d like. It could be a reading room, a craft corner, TV spot — whatever your family would use. For staircases with no space above, look below. Can you add in some shelving? Display your books, wine collection, or family keepsakes. Keep the shelves enclosed, and have a pullout shoe rack, so everyone’s shoes are contained and out of sight. Under-stair dog houses are becoming a trendy option, too for hiding fido’s bed, food, and toys. 

Attic reading nook

Attack the attic

If you have an attic that’s unappealing and unused, why not transform it into a modern and cozy reading nook? Just like that under-stair space, this can be the perfect out-of-the-way spot for a reading room, or use as a second living room where the kids can have sleepovers, sprawl out and play games without taking over your primary living space. Win-win for parents and hosts alike. 

mud room with laundry that leads to outdoor patio

Make room for a mudroom

The best way to help everyone in your family stay organized is to have a designated spot for all their things. Most homes have a back or side entrance so the main entryway can stay clear for guests. If your home doesn’t have one, consider adding one. There are many options to suit all home styles and tastes, from high-end to minimalist to fun and whimsical. A bench with built-in shelving around it gives you a spot to put on shoes before heading out the door. Wall hooks for each person can keep backpacks and purses from being strewn across the floor. Make the backdrop a dry-erase or chalk wall so families can see their schedule and upcoming tasks — plus you can write fun notes to each other throughout the day. Mudrooms are great at keeping clutter in one place! 

"If you’re looking to improve your family’s living space, the bathroom is a good place to start."

overview of bathroom with custom built reclaimed wood vanityBathrooms 

Though bathroom remodels are among the most expensive home projects, they’re also consistently the most popular and the ones that provide the most return on investment. So if you’re looking to improve your family’s living space, the bathroom is a good place to start. For shared bathrooms, consider how you can maximize the space for everyone. Built-in over-the-toilet shelves, better counters, improved lighting over the vanity — consider everything. Maybe hidden storage areas, like a behind-the-mirror shelf or a pull-out laundry hamper, will help your family’s organization. Or maybe your kids are getting older and you want to make your bathrooms a little more luxurious (think bigger bathtubs, spa-like showers, etc.). Whatever the reason, you’re sure to benefit from a bathroom update.

Clean modern kitchen with white brick


Another high-use room, the kitchen can definitely impact your family’s quality of life. Improved counter space and better shelving can help your whole family stay more organized. If you have kids who pack their own lunches or just want a place nearby to have an after-school snack, an island or side-bar with barstools may be perfect. If you don’t host formal dinners, ditch the dining room and opt for a cozy breakfast nook or bigger space to prepare family meals. Some families are opting for two smaller dishwashers rather than one large one, which can be more efficient. Don’t forget to think about the height and accessibility of things. If you have small children, opt for pull-out or convertible options that will make it easy for them to access things now, but won’t have to be completely redone once they’ve been outgrown.

Gorgeous deck in Orange County New York


Outdoor living spaces in Hudson Valley NY are hugely popular, and can benefit everyone in the family. Decks are wonderful places to have family meals, host guests, or just sit back and relax. Think about how you can connect your kitchen or living room to your outdoor living space for optimal use. Maybe large picture windows, even accordion-style, so it feels like you’re outside even when you’re not. If a deck isn’t an option, pavers or other landscaping tiles can still transform your backyard into a personal oasis. Again, think about your family members and their habits. Have avid readers? Set up a hammock or cozy bench with good lighting so people can relax and read a book. More into backyard barbecues? Make sure you have a safe place to set up your grill and other supplies, and look at how you can maximize seating. A deck with a higher rail that can act as a bar provides more seating without taking up valuable space, for instance.

No matter what you decide, be sure to find a builder you can trust. At Kehoe Kustom, we provide backyard evaluations, and are experienced building decks, patios and unique pergola, arbor and trellis spots. We can renovate or remodel any room you’d like — bathroom, kitchen, mudroom, etc. We do custom woodwork and building additions, too.

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