Selecting a Contractor for Your Hudson Valley Home Addition

Selecting a Contractor for Your Hudson Valley Home Addition

It can be easy to rush through choosing a contractor because you are so excited to get started on your home addition. However, the decision of a contractor for your home addition is the most important part of the project. By rushing, you risk hiring an individual who is unqualified for what you want. Get the work done the right way with our tips for hiring a home addition contractor.


Understand the Scope of Work

Understand the Scope of Work For Your Hudson Valley Home Addition

Seek understanding about the scope of work involved whether adding a bathroom, bedroom, sunroom, home office, or other home addition. You’ll want to screen companies based on proposed work to be performed and the quality level of materials.  For instance, when you know what a home office addition entails, you are less likely to be talked into adding on a half bath for the home office “just in case.” When you ask informed questions, you’ll get the information you need to make a qualified decision. Without learning about the project scope, you risk hiring someone who doesn’t bring the right experience.


Solicit Referrals for Your Project

Solicit Referrals for your Hudson Valley Home Remodeling Project

Once you know more about what you need, seek referrals from family members, friends, or coworkers. It’s smart to start by asking for referrals because you know that someone wouldn’t recommend a contractor to you if they weren’t happy with the quality of their work. Then call the contractor and ask for a consultation regarding your home addition.

With a good contractor, it can be normal to wait a few days to get a return call. Contractors are often busy juggling multiple projects and calling new leads may not be high on their to-do list. Don’t get turned off if this happens; instead, take it as a sign you’ve found an in-demand professional.


Finding an Experienced Contractor for Your Home Addition

Find an experienced contractor in the Hudson Valley

Many contractors specialize just like other professionals, so you always need to find the right person for the job. Some enjoy outdoor living projects, others love restoring historic homes, and others are new construction whizzes. If you have a historic home, you’ll need a pro who understands how to blend in the addition with your home’s historic style. If you are adding a pool and deck, you’ll need a swimming pool builder and a contractor who does decks right like our team at Orange County Deck Company.

When a company is focused only on one area of construction, like kitchens and baths, they likely may not be a good fit for your addition.  A home addition is another type of construction with a greater volume of scope to consider.  The same may hold true for a new home builder.  The company could deliver a great new home but might not understand the intricacies of a home addition.

Depending on your needs, you may need to interview several contractors to find the right person for the job. While this may be frustrating, avoid the temptation to move quickly, which can lead to disappointment with the results.   The best projects get delivered through the best plans.


Ask Questions

 Ask Your Hudson Valley Contractor Questions About Your Project

Once you’ve found the right contractor for your addition, you can schedule a consultation in your home. Ask questions — the more, the better. Let your research guide you in asking about their experience, materials, budget, and more.  Don’t work with a “pro” who is not properly licensed and insured!  Sure the lower cost may be enticing, that is until something goes wrong.

At Kehoe Kustom, we do home additions in the Hudson Valley and tri-state area. Browse our portfolio to see some of the recent work we’ve done, or contact us today if you would like a free estimate for your addition.


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