Why You Should Plan Your Bathroom Remodel This Spring

Why You Should Plan Your Bathroom Remodel This Spring

Spring is just a few days away and if you’ve been putting off remodeling your bathroom until the warmer weather starts to roll in, it’s almost time to get started. It doesn’t matter if you want to upgrade the look of your bathroom, expand its size, or improve its function, planning your bathroom remodel this spring is perfect. Here are some of the top reasons that you’ll want to remodel your bathroom now.

Reasons to Remodel Your Hudson Valley Bathroom This Spring

Ideal Weather

Ideal weather to remodel your Hudson Valley bathroom

Scheduling your remodel for spring just make sense. The cold brutal winter is over, and you have just enough time to get your project completed before the hot humid summer days arrive.  Having nice cool weather also allows your project to be completed faster as your contractor will have more time available to finish your new bathroom. They won’t have to worry about heavy snow.

Get Ready for Summer Entertaining

Get your Hudson Valley home ready for summer entertaining

Deciding to remodel your bathroom this spring will allow you to get your home ready for summer entertaining. If you love to host summertime barbeques, house parties, or holiday gatherings, you’ll want to have a beautiful bathroom for your guests to use. You don’t want to have to worry about explaining to your guests that they “need to hold down the handle on the toilet to get it to flush” or other issues that just need to be addressed with a remodel. In addition, if you decide to wait until summer to start your project, your family and friends will have to work around your bathroom construction zone which is not ideal.

Prepare Your Home to Sell This Summer

Prepare Your Home to Sell This Summer

Did you know that spring is the start of the best time of year for home buying and selling in the Hudson Valley area? If you have been trying to prepare your home to sell, you’ll want to start remodeling your home early this spring so its ready in time. By remodeling your bathroom, you’ll be able to attract more buyers as your listing will stand out among others that opted not to remodel. You’ll also be able to ask for a much higher price for your home as a new bathroom will help to increase your home’s overall value.

If you’re ready to remodel your bathroom this spring, don’t hesitate. Spring is a popular time of year for all types of home remodeling projects, so you’ll want to reserve your spot on our schedule before it fills up. The last thing that you’ll want to do is wait until summer arrives and have your family fun interrupted by your bathroom remodel. If you’d like to reserve your spot on our spring schedule, contact us today!

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